The largest Freshwater lake….

Now this is a matter of contention. Which is the largest freshwater lake in the world? Well both contenders are in North America and are a part of the great five. Largest of the five Lake Superior is one of the contenders for the largest freshwater lake. There are other things to consider while deciding which is the largest lake. There are at least two features that have to be explored:

  • Largest Area covered – It may be called as surface area.
  • Volume of water – The water volume the lake carries is another factor to be considered.
  • Depth – When a water body is considered depth is also considered. Well here the lake with greater water volume will be deeper.
Lake Baikal
              Largest lake by Volume of Water and Depth

Yes it is Russia where the lake lies, named lake Baikal. It is the largest lake by volume of water carried. It contains about 25000 cubic kilometers of water. This accounts for 20 percent of total surface freshwater on the planet. With an average depth of 744 metres it also is ranked number one when it comes to deepest lakes.


Lake Superior
           Largest by Surface Area??

Lake Superior in North America is the largest Lake if Total Surface Area is taken  into consideration. It covers an area of over 82,00 square Kilometers. However there is a cliché. Lake Michigan and Huron are supposed to be one lake due to the topography, and when taken together they cover an area of 117,611 square Kilometers much larger than Lake Superior. This is a thing of contention. But as per the geologists the Michigan – Huron combine is indeed the largest freshwater lake when it comes to surface area.

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