Facts About the Most Commonly Known Five Great Lakes

I think it’s important to know the basics of these amazing fresh water bodies that are ocean like in their size and appearance.  We have touched on the largest in both surface size and overall volume in earlier blogs, now let’s catch up with some facts about the ones most of our readers know best.

We all know them by name, or most of us grew up studying them in geography; Superior, Huron, Michigan, Ontario, and Lake Erie – together they collectively make up the largest fresh water on earth without question.

Some stand up Facts are about the Great Lakes can be found here. 

the great lakes

Some things I did not even know growing up near these amazing bodies of water are the 30,000 islands that are scattered amongst these lakes.  While most are so small you don’t find any humans, there is one on Lake Huron called Manitoulin Island which is over 1000 square miles!

Another thing you might only think happens in the sea is shipwrecks, but over the years many have happened on these Great Lakes, including the most famous one, the SS Edmund Fitzgerald. 

These lakes hold many mysteries, treasures, and legends, not unlike the oceans that let us forget about the magic of the great lakes.

shipwreck on the great lakes


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