Lake Ontario The smallest of Great Lakes

Lake Ontario

In spite of being the smallest of all the great lakes Lake Ontario is the 14th largest freshwater lake in the world. However the lake is one of the deepest among the great lakes. In fact it is only second to lake Superior the largest one. The lake lies at the base of Niagara falls and below the Lake Erie.The lake forms a fore front for Toronto the economic capital of Canada.

The Scarborough Bluffs

The Scarborough Bluffs – spectacular, cathedral-like cliffs rising as high as 100 m above the lake are one of the marvels of nature. They are formed by the intersection of older and higher glacial and lake deposits. One of the facts about Lake Ontario is that it does not freeze even in the harsh winters. This is due to the depth of the lake.The name Ontario is of Iroquoian origin, meaning “beautiful lake” or “sparkling water.” The name really is meant for the lake as it has the best water among all lakes as found out by recent tests. In fact the water is drinkable.

The land around the lake is full of wild animals and plants. Even the lake is home to many species of animals and plants. The wetlands of the lake are rich and known for its bio-diversity.


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