Superior – The greatest of the Great Lakes

Surfing on Lake Superior

Consider this, Lake Superior is not only the largest of the great lakes but the largest freshwater body on our planet. It is stretched over USA and Canada. It starts from upper peninsula of Michigan north to Ontario, Canada, and reaches west to the eastern edge of Minnesota. The name is for it being largest among the great lakes. The lake was formed along with other great lakes due to North American mid-continent Rift which happened 1.2 million years. Despite being a lake it is also a great surfing spot.

Length of this water body is 567 Km and the width 257 Km. This means a surface area of 145719 square Km. The volume of water in this lake is 12,100 cubic Km. Flabbergasting is it not? Well there is more, in spite of harsh winters Superior rarely freezes completely. However complete freeze happened in 1997 and the last time in 2003. This is due to the depth which is 1300 feet. The water is crystal clear with visibility up to 27 feet. The lake has the lowest surface temperature among the Great lakes as it is situated North.

Talking about the life in the lake, well 80 species of fish alone are found in this lake. The fishes include carp and varieties of trout, salmon and perch. Lake superior is also the home for over 60 orchid species. White pine and Flowering Rush are the trees grow along the coastline. Many unique bird species are also found near Lake superior. Varieties of hawks, loons, owls and woodpeckers can be found. On the northern shore there is a small population of the endangered whooping cranes. Duluth’s Hawk Ridge is a place on north shore which is a place for more than 10000 species of migratory birds.


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