Great Lakes Information – Lake Erie

Great lakes information - Lake Erie

Talking about Great Lakes information, today I am going to talk about the fourth largest among the Great Lakes. It is Lake Erie, and it is the warmest of all five Great Lakes. It has four U.S. states and one Canadian province on its shores. The shape is tail-like, hence the name, which is derived from “erielhonan,” meaning “long tail” in Iroquoian. The surface area of the lake is a cool 25,700 square kilometers. As for the volume of water, it contains only 484 cubic kilometers — the least among the five. The lake was the last to be discovered by Europeans. It also has a place in American history because of the war fought on its shores in 1813. On September 10, 1813, U.S. navy ships defeated the British navy to take control of Detroit and the lake. One of the pieces of Great Lakes information about Lake Erie is that it is the shallowest. Hence, it freezes very quickly during the winter. The unique flora and fauna in its catchment area means that the lake has a unique ecosystem just like the other lakes. The lake has historically been very popular for fishing enthusiasts and remains so.


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