Lake of the Woods: The Sixth Largest Freshwater Lake

Lake of the Woods, the Place To Visit.

Lake of the Woods is the sixth largest freshwater lakes in the world. It is located mostly in Canada but touches a part of America as well. Lake of the Woods is around 120 km wide and has close to 14000 islands which are regular places for tourists.

It is situated in the Ontario and Manitoba states of Canada and touches the Minnesota state of USA, so it is a piece of America in Canada. Its shoreline is over 100,000 km and wide varieties of fauna live here.

The most famous amongst the birds nesting on islands of this lake is the American white Pelican and the endangered bald eagles. The lake is a haven for yachting, fishing and camping and very popular destination for family vacations. If you love fishing this is the place to go. Over 50 species of fishes are found in this lake which includes lake trout, walleye, perch, sauger and panfish. Royal Lake of Woods Yacht club also operates here from the Yacht Club Island. If none of the above interests you then just visit the lake to take in or photograph its stunning scenery.


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