Great Bear Lake facts


Great Bear Lake is one of the most interesting places you can visit. Do you want to learn about this amazing place? Great Bear Lake facts will fascinate you. It is the largest lake of Canada and fourth in North America. Also it’s the eights largest lake in the world. Great Bear Lake is just perfect for a vacation for those who like to go fishing. The lake sets records in the amount of lake trout and Arctic Grayling – the largest lake trout ever caught by angling, 32.8 kg (72.3 lb) in weight, was captured there in 1995. Great Bear Lake facts alone can leave you speechless, but it’s even better to get a first-hand experience of its unique nature. There are many offers for travellers who want to go to the Great Bear Lake. Visit Great Bear Lake with a loan from If you decide to explore the Great Bear Lake, you will not be disappointed by this decision.


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