Lake Manitoba fishing – try your hand

Lake Manitoba fishing tips for you and your family

Manitoba is a fisherman’s paradise with over 100,000 lakes to choose from. Lake Manitoba, located just 75 km away from Winnipeg, is one of the three lakes famous for commercial fishing and also offers an endless supply of great fishing for the enthusiast. Nearly all the species of fish found in Manitoba’s waters are available to the open-water angler, so it’s also a great place to take the family. Lake Manitoba fishing offers over 50 species of fish, so you never know what will be on the end of your line, but the most common are Northern pike, walleye and yellow perch. In Spring and Fall, visit one of the many fly-in fishing lodges, cast your line from the Dam or Delta Beach or just park your car and start. Try a pickerel rig with some minnows for bait or a jig tipped with worms for the kids; virtually anything will get a bite. For the sportsman, Lake Manitoba fishing also recognises achievement if you catch a large fish – you might even win a Manitoba Master Angler Award. Currently, anglers practice catch and release which ensures the fish populations remain high. However, there are now plans for Manitoba to allow fishers to market their own catch and they have recently announced that they will be withdrawing from the Freshwater Fish Marketing Act. So soon you will be able to take home or sell that prize fish!


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