Great lakes water quality

Great Lakes Water Quality an Environmental Concern

It is said that you can survive almost 11 days without food, but only 3 without water. Clean, unpolluted water is life. It is of great concern to discover that the Great Lakes, a huge system of freshwater lakes shared by the US and Canada, are polluted. Both US and Canada, as well as states bordering the Great Lakes, have all created a Strategy recommended to reduce fire retardant chemicals in Great Lakes and to try and keep them unpolluted in the future. The terrible environmental degradation is happening to these lakes which make up 10,000 miles of coastline. The lakes are places of recreation as well as being used for shipping. With the great lakes water quality deteriorating even further, the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement has been implemented as a means of trying to restore the waters so that they can be of benefit to future generations. Businesses, the general public and non-government entities will all work on programs to understand the ecosystem and protect its health.


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