About Me


I am Catherine and live in Toronto. In my weekend I do not go partying but I go exploring the Great lakes. In long holidays I go to places with lakes. Indeed I am smitten by this nature’s beauty.Lakes have intriguing topography and are a natural specimen of its own kind. I write notes about small details I can observe, and it is different every time. I have visited the lakes in all seasons and found different aspects. It looks like they are alive and kicking.

Five Great lakes

It is really strange that such big fresh water lakes are present. generally all the inland water bodies are either salt water if they are big. The freshwater ones are smaller in size. The five great lakes Michigan, Superior, Huron, Erie and Ontario form the largest group of freshwater bodies. Together they have around one-fourth of the surface fresh water in the whole world. The lakes were formed due to Glacial erosion in last ice age. Fascinating is a lesser word to describe these marvels of nature, but I cannot get hold of a better word. The blog will be educating about these great lakes and also some lakes around the world. Prepare yourself for a journey of lakes around the world starting with North America